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Do Rabbits Like Fans Blowing on Them?

Heat and rabbits never mix well at all. The truth is that rabbits tend to tolerate cold temperatures better than they can endure periods of extreme heat.

Do Rabbits Like Fans Blowing on Them?

If the weather forecast says that extremely hot temperatures are approaching and you are worried about the welfare of your bunnies, you need to get ready right away without wasting any minute.

But do rabbits like fans blowing on them?

While you can use a fan to create airflow and keep the air cool, rabbits might not like it if you blow fans directly on them.

Keeping your bunnies cool when the weather gets too hot is not only for the sake of their comfort. The sad truth is that this can also be a matter of life and death for these animals.

Read on below to learn more about rabbits and heat.

What Makes Heat Unsafe for Rabbits?

Unlike humans, rabbits cannot just take off their coats during hot weather nor can they cool off by sweating.

Rabbits in the wild retreat to their burrow because of the cooler temperatures there during the hottest times of the day. For pet rabbits, it is obviously not an option except for those that live in a colony set up outdoors.

How Do Rabbits Cool Off?

The ears of rabbits contain a blood vessel network that dilates every time their bodies become too warm, allowing greater circulation of blood to the ears.

If the temperature of the surrounding air is lower than the body temperature of the rabbit, heat will be dissipated by the warmer blood vessels, and this helps cool off the rabbit.

When the temperature outdoors is warmer, the rabbit’s ears will dissipate less heat, and the rabbit will only grow warmer. It is why temperatures more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit can be perilous to a rabbit’s life.

Tips to Keep Rabbits Cool

Since heat is a no-no for rabbits, it is important to learn a few tips to ensure that your bunnies stay cool and cozy.


One of the easiest and simplest ways to keep your rabbits comfortable during hot weather is to hang a fan right outside the cage of your pets.

Try positioning the fan in a way that it only blows on half the cage so that if ever the rabbits need a quick break from the wind, they can just move to the other part of the cage.

Ceramic Tiles

For those warm but not yet sweltering days, ordinary ceramic tiles available in all home improvement stores can do wonders for your rabbits to stay cozy.

Ceramic tiles naturally remain cool to the touch. But if you want an added cooling power, you can put them inside the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Wrap them tightly with a damp pillowcase or hand towel before giving them to your rabbits.

Cool Drinking Water

Just like humans, your rabbits also need to stay hydrated when the weather turns warm. Just so you know, some rabbits might refuse to drink from the bottle when the water is already too warm. To prevent it from happening, try to fill their bowl or bottle with cool and fresh water several times a day.

Cooling Mats

You can buy cooling stone mats and self-cooling mats at affordable prices. The best thing about these products is that they don’t need electricity, batteries, freezing, or refrigeration. All you have to do is put one on the floor of the cage and you are done.

Cool Off Bunny’s Ears

You can also help your bunnies stay cooler by using a spray bottle to mist their ears, all made possible by evaporation. Rabbits will also find it refreshing if you wipe the outside and inside of the ears using an ice cube wrapped in some paper towels or a damp cloth. Just make sure that water doesn’t drip down into the ears.

You can also add one or two drops of peppermint essential oil to the damp cloth to boost its cooling effect, not to mention that it can also repel various bugs such as mosquitoes, ear mites, flies, and fleas.

Cool Treats

When days turn hotter, frozen pieces of apple, banana, or carrot can be cooling and refreshing treats for rabbits. You can also dip fresh greens like kale, parsley, fennel, or arugula in icy cold water and give them as snacks to help your bunnies stay hydrated and cool off at the same time.

Other nutritious veggies that you can chill first in the refrigerator before letting your bunnies munch on them include turnip or mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, bell peppers, and alfalfa sprouts. Just make sure you only give these in small portions because too much may result in an upset stomach.

Dirt-Filled Box

If there is still enough space inside the cage, another good option is to add a large dirt-filled box with one of the sides having a cut-out opening to allow your rabbits to come and go as they please.

For this particular method to really be effective, make sure the is deep and large enough to let the rabbits dig a good size of depression where they can stretch out.

For this purpose, you can use a sturdy cardboard box or a high-sided cat litter box. Make sure the box is placed away from the designated bathroom area of your bunnies or they might end up using it for relieving themselves.

Also, it is important to remember that even if this method can help your bunnies cool while letting them satisfy their instinct of digging when the weather turns warm, the soil may contain bacteria, parasites, and pesticides that may pose danger to your rabbits.

Learn all the potential risks first before you try this cooling technique, or you can also fill the box with all-natural and silica-free children’s play sand instead.

While rabbits don’t like heat, they also wouldn’t like it if fans are blowing directly on them. Choose strategic positions to help keep your bunnies cool and cozy in warm months.

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