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Do Rabbits Like Cuddles?

Rabbits are cute fluffballs that you would surely love to hug and snuggle with. But do rabbits like cuddles in the first place? Just like humans, all rabbits are unique and individual. This means that while others do love to cuddle, some may not.

Do Rabbits Like Cuddles?

Do Rabbits Love Cuddles?

Many rabbits love being cuddled and petted provided that you approach them properly. Others like to be carried or held because they tend to feel insecure when they are high up from the ground. Most will also be happy to snuggle up beside their owners for a cuddle or just to sit on their owner’s lap. However, it is important to allow your rabbit to initiate these actions.

The ideal times of the day for cuddles are during the day and at night when rabbits are more active in nature. Never disturb a sleeping rabbit.

How to Tell If a Rabbit Likes Cuddles

It might not be easy at first to determine if your rabbit likes cuddles since most of these animals don’t really understand the concept of cuddling. Some might also be desperate to snuggle but is still not completely confident that you will not turn it into dinner.

Since rabbits are prey animals, you need to gain their trust before they voluntarily approach you for some cuddles.

However, there are a few things you can check to determine if you have a cuddle-loving rabbit or not:

  • If your bunny approaches and flops near or on you, it is likely that it is happy enough to be cuddled. Just make sure you don’t grab it. Stroke gently until it decides to come closer.
  • If your bunny “loafs” and grind its teeth gently similar to a chattering sound every time you pet it, it means that it is happy that you are near.
  • If your bunny runs away if you try cuddling it, it means they don’t like it. Brace yourself for a bite if you don’t let it escape.

How to Stroke and Cuddle Rabbits

Rabbits prefer being stroked on their backs and foreheads. Make sure you stroke your pet in the hair’s direction and never against it, except if you need to check for skin concerns. Most rabbits also like it if you stroke them at the back of their ears. You can also use a doll’s hairbrush or a cat grooming brush to brush your bunny. Doing so can help lower the risk of hairballs and remove hair from molting rabbits.

Rabbits, in general, have some sensitive spots where they never like to be touched, and these are their feet, whiskers, and dewlap or the part under their chin. Some rabbits can also be very sensitive when it comes to their tail or ears. After spending some time with your rabbit, you will learn about the things it likes and hates.

If you have a secure and confident rabbit, you can just put your arms around and cuddle it. But more nervous rabbits may run away if you do it because they feel trapped or enclosed.

Avoid forcing your rabbit to be cuddled or stroked. Most of these animals will even let you know when they already have had enough. They may use their nose to nudge away your hand, shake their ears, or just move away from you.

Should You Let Rabbits Dictate Cuddling?

Yes, you should let your rabbits when to cuddle or not. Remember that rabbits are easily scared but gaining their trust again may not be as easy. Even if you know that you don’t mean them harm, they don’t know that.

This is why it is almost impossible to tame wild rabbits due to their highly advanced fear response. As for domestic bunnies, their hypothalamus has already evolved, making them much less frightened.

This evolution is straightforward, with scared rabbits suffering from a heart attack which leads to death, while the less scared ones went on to breed.

Due to the large numbers of rabbits being bred, this sped up the evolutionary process with the less scared rabbits producing more offspring and living longer.

However, there remain to be significant differences in the brains of rabbits, with some being less scared of humans while others are more scared. Although you can try to lessen the fear they feel, it might be impossible to completely eradicate it.

It is important that your rabbit feels in control of the whole situation. Let it run away if it gets scared. Never hold onto it tightly, chase it, or grab it if it runs away. Make sure the whole family also knows the rules.

Scared rabbits bite and because these are prey animals, they never give any warning and just bite down as hard as they can. Some may even literally assume that you will kill them.

Should You Pick Up Rabbits for Cuddles?

No, never try picking up your rabbit for a cuddle. Instead, just sit down and let your pet come to you. if you really want a hug, you can even lie down on the ground and watch as your rabbit runs over you. Use one finger to lightly stroke its forehead. If your rabbit runs away, just let it. But it might also settle down and allow you to stroke it.

The Bottom Line

Rabbits are snuggly animals by nature. This is common in most animals living in social groups because, in the wild, they love huddling together for warmth. This is also an important social activity for strengthening bonds.

But your rabbit might not really be keen on the idea of cuddling with you and most of the time, you have no choice but to just accept it. However, if you are willing enough to take the time and wait until you gain the complete trust of your bunny, they may soon decide that you are also a great partner for cuddles.

And even if your rabbit doesn’t become a cuddle bug, it will still feel great once the pet that used to be scared of you comes flopping right beside you, happy and contented with the knowledge that you will not try to pick it up or grab it.

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