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Do Rabbits Get Zoomies?

Rabbits are animals known to be very active and communicative. If you have rabbits as pets, their actions and the noises they produce can give you some clues about their personalities.

Do Rabbits Get Zoomies?

This is the reason why you need to keep a keen eye on how your bunny communicates because these animals are quite fragile. Observing how they act will let you learn more about your pets and even some information that can help save their lives.

Zoomies are behaviors often observed among dogs. But are these also common in other animals like rabbits? Do rabbits get zoomies, too?

Yes, rabbits also get zoomies. This is when rabbits become hyperactive and start running around, a behavior that indicates their mood. This means that hyper bunnies are happy bunnies, so rabbits with zoomies are both comfortable and excited. Zoomies also indicate that your pet is ready for some playtime! Once you see your rabbit zooming around, you might want to give them some toys to play with.

What are Zoomies?

Zoomies are the cute name used to refer to when domestic rabbits start running around in excitement filled with energy. This behavior is common with pet rabbits and is something you should expect to see in your healthy and happy bunny. Running gives rabbits a chance to stretch their legs out and exercise their fluffy bodies.

Twirls and jumps or binkying may also accompany zoomies to give their bodies and legs that extra stretching. When your rabbit is doing zoomies, it indicates that he is excited and active and is in the best mood to play.

Common Rabbit Behaviors

Aside from zoomies, your rabbit may also have some actions or behaviors that indicate being comfortable and happy in its environment. The noises and actions they make can show you how much your rabbits like you and how you treat them.


Binkying that often occurs together with zoomies is when rabbits twirl and jump around. A binkying bunny is a bunny that feels comfortable in its environment and is excited to interact with friends or its owner. Just like zoomies, binkying also indicates a playful bunny.


When your rabbit rubs its chin on you, it is the animal’s way of marking its territory. The underside of a bunny’s chin contains glands that allow it to leave a special scent on its owner. Chinning is also a sign of happiness because your bunny marks you as its territory means that it feels comfortable with you.

Honking and Circling

If you have a rabbit that is not yet spayed or neutered, its dance that involves circling and honking is actually a mating ritual for other rabbits. But if a bunny honks and circles at a human, this means that the animal is trying to get your attention.

A circling and honking bunny desperately craves affection and is ready to play. Also, most pet or domestic rabbits are neutered or spayed so there is a higher chance that your rabbit just wants to play.

Grinding or Clicking Teeth

Unlike other signs in this list, teeth grinding is a bit more complex because it can indicate two things, which depend on the sound. For instance, the quiet sound of teeth clicking is similar to purring in rabbits. When you pet your bunny and you hear some soft teeth clicking, it means that it is comfortable and contented.

Louder teeth grinding, on the other hand, means that your bunny feels a more negative emotion. Loud teeth grinding is how rabbits show that they are in distress or are uncomfortable. It might also mean that you should visit the vet soon if the grinding is associated with other signs of health issues or injury.

Clothes Tugging

A bunny tugging on your clothes is a bunny crying for attention. Even if your pet is comfortable and happy, it is still wishing for more playtime and attention.


Although it might be scary to see your rabbit flopping down all of a sudden without warning, you don’t really need to worry at all. Your bunny is relaxed and happy if it is flopping.

Jumping on Lap

Jumping on the lap is another action common in bunnies trying to get your attention. Your bunny feels comfortable around you if it jumps onto your lap.


Rabbits feel comfortable with you if it licks you. However, a lick from your bunny may still mean more than this. It also indicates that they love you and you are special to them. A lick from rabbits is basically a little kiss or hug and you can consider yourself very lucky if your pet feels a strong emotion towards you enough for it to give you a lick.

Lying on Belly

Your rabbit is comfortable if it flops down on its belly, kicking out its back legs. Rabbits lying on belly feel safe enough to nap and put down their guard. A worn-out or lazy rabbit is also a sign of a happy rabbit. This also means a healthy rabbit because they get enough exercise to fall into a contented slumber.

Neutral Ears

A bunny with its ears positioned neutrally indicates that they are happy and relaxed. However, it might still be a bit tricky to determine the mood of your rabbit with just its ears alone because ear shapes vary among different breeds. The ears of some rabbits stand up straight naturally like smaller ears, while bigger ears often flop.

Other common behaviors among rabbits include nose nudging, nose wiggles, playing, sleeping, and standing on back legs.

The Bottom Line

Yes, rabbits do get zoomies and it indicates that they are happy. If your rabbit is hopping and running around, it means that it is ready to play, excited, and comfortable.

As a bunny owner, it is part of your responsibility to know and understand the meaning behind the different actions and sounds that your bunny makes as these indicate their health and mood. Doing so will let you take care of your cute furballs to the best of your abilities so you can give them everything they need and deserve.

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