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Do Rabbits Attract Roaches?

As a proud rabbit owner, one of your goals is to keep your pets safe and protected from vermin including bugs and insects. After all, getting rid of these critters can be very tricky because of their small size and massive populations.

Do Rabbits Attract Roaches?

This is why owners often wonder if their rabbits attract some types of insects. By being familiar with this information, they can identify the best solutions to ensure that these nasty insects don’t bring potential harm and diseases to their pets.

Roaches are one of the nasty insects that rabbit owners often deal with. But do rabbits attract roaches?

Well, rabbits themselves don’t necessarily attract roaches. What really attracts roaches is rabbit feces. The good news is that roaches cannot hurt rabbits, nor do they pose any threat to them. Cockroaches also don’t scare off rabbits. These animals won’t run away once they see a roach and will just ignore it anyway.

Are Roaches Dangerous to Rabbits?

Just a few roaches around your rabbits may not be dangerous to your pets. Rabbits rarely suffer from food poisoning because of the excretion of roaches. However, their persistent presence might lead to different health risks such as red itchy skin, indigestion, and allergies in rabbits.

Roaches can be found both outside and inside the house, by the litter box, near the food bowls and pen of rabbits where they nip on discarded food crumbs, and even hiding in the bedding of your rabbits. These insects may also leave their secretions and feces in these areas.

Even if roach bites are not deadly for rabbits, they might leave minor infections, rashes, scars, and brushes on tender parts of your bunny’s body like the paws, face, and ear.

Newborn kits or baby bunnies may be afraid of crawling insects including roaches. These insects are mostly nocturnal, making noises in the dark. Roaches can also affect a rabbit’s sleeping habits if they ever decide to share the pen with your pets at night.

Swarming roaches can turn into a serious nuisance and vexation not just for your rabbits but even for you. The good news is that more often than not, the presence of roaches doesn’t disturb rabbits.

How to Keep Roaches Away from Rabbits

The same methods you use to keep flies away from your rabbits are also applicable to roaches. See to it that the cage of your rabbit is clean at all times to ward off roaches and stop them from entering the enclosure of your pet.

Seeing some roaches roaming near your rabbits is not just gross but it can also be a bit scary. But you can deal with these roaches in the rabbit hutch by taking a few preventative measures.

To keep the roaches away from your rabbits, make sure you clean their pen regularly and properly. Food and dampness can attract roaches to a rabbit cage. You can ventilate the hutch properly and remove any excess food in the cage to keep it free from roaches.

A roach infestation in rabbit cages located outdoors is often regarded as a trivial issue. However, never turn a blind eye to roaches since these insects can transmit a lot of diseases and compromise the health of your pets.

In addition, if there are large numbers of roaches outside your house, you can almost expect them to soon find their way into your house.

Follow these tips to get rid of roaches and keep your rabbits safe from these revolting insects.

Clean All the Infested Spots

Stinky areas filled with grease, litter, garbage, and waste are the perfect breeding spots for pests, including roaches. They lay eggs and consume waste in these places. This is why cleaning is the first and most important thing you should do to get rid of roaches in your bunny’s hutch.

Dry Any Stagnant Water Near the Hutch

Roaches are attracted to water because they need it and like making their colonies near water sources such as dripping pipes and places with stagnant water all the time. If it is impossible to remove the water source, the cage of your rabbit must never be placed near these spots.

Maintain the Garden 

Unkempt plants and gardens around the hutch of your rabbit can become a home to roaches and insects. Moldy plant pots, smelly grass, earth holes, weeds, and shrubs should be removed to stop roaches from living and spawning in them.

Seal Up the Walls

If you have seen movies where an army of roaches spills out of one small hole in the wall, well, don’t think it only happens in films. Roaches can find their way inside wall cavities where they can reside. To prevent it from happening, be sure to seal up any cracks or crevices on the wall and patch any holes properly.

Ventilate Your House and the Hutch

Roaches are attracted to excessive dampness, humidity, and moisture. Stuffy and dark places are like heaven for roaches. Once they find these spots, they will move and reproduce there. Be sure to air out the hutch of your rabbit daily if you are dealing with a roach problem.

Open doors and windows wide and turn on the fan to allow the fresh air from outside to circulate. If the hutch doesn’t have a big opening or window in the sleeping area of your rabbit, you can try adding a portable fan targeting the damp areas to help dry them out fast.

Use Baking Soda or Boric Acid

Boric acid and baking soda can both kill roaches once they ingest it, giving you reliable and speedy results. However, if you plan to use any of these two, just make sure your rabbit doesn’t get to them.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

DE or diatomaceous earth is safe for rabbits but deadly for roaches. Even a mere dusting of it can already affect the exoskeleton of roaches and dehydrate them to death. The moment roaches walk through a dusting of DE, it will cling to them and start the attack on their exoskeleton.

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