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Can Baby Rabbits Die from Cold?

While raising rabbits is a fun and wonderful experience, especially as you watch the young rabbits grow and develop, any seasoned rabbit breeder knows all too well that it isn’t always about games and laughter.

Can Baby Rabbits Die from Cold?

Sometimes, no matter how much you check on the new litter, it is common to see a kit or two that feel cold to the touch. Does it mean that chilly weather can have fatal consequences for your kits? Can baby rabbits die from cold?

Sadly, baby rabbits tend to get cold fast, and excessive exposure may kill them in just a few minutes. The good news is that there are a few ways you can try to safely warm up cold baby bunnies to the extent that you can put them back in the nest box’s cozy warm together with their mother and siblings.

Why Should You Keep Baby Rabbits Safe from Cold?

There are several important reasons why you should always keep an eye out for baby rabbits after birth and ensure that they don’t die from cold.

Baby Rabbits are Helpless

Just so you know, baby rabbits are born deaf, blind, and completely hairless. These little ones tend to quickly lose their body temperature and may die minutes after they are exposed to cold temperatures.

Mother Rabbits Don’t Pick Up Their Babies

Unlike cats or dogs, mother rabbits never pick up their kits and move them. This means that there is simply no way for newborn bunnies to return to the nest once they fall out of it.

Rabbits May Not be the Best of Mothers

Mother rabbits in general may not be good at being a mother to their young, especially when it is their first-time experiencing kindling or giving birth. Even though there might be an available nesting box, the mother rabbit may give birth on the grate or the wire even if it has a specific nesting section in the hutch that is ideal for baby rabbits.

Baby Rabbits Will Still Fall Out of the Nest

If you are lucky enough to have a mother rabbit that is great at doing its job, there is still the possibility that one or more of the kits will remain connected to the source of milk when it hops outside the nesting box and drag it along to the wire for a ride.

Time May Run Out Before You Know It

The moment a baby rabbit ends up on the wires, it won’t take that long before they pass away. These young ones cannot walk or stay warm. They cannot even flip over to feed something if their mother checks on them.

Due to all these reasons, it is obviously your responsibility as the bunny owner to ensure that all the baby bunnies stay warm inside the nest. Its means you need to check on the kits a few times daily.

How to Warm Up a Cold Baby Rabbit

Once you discover that one kit is outside the nest with its body feeling cold to the touch, you need to warm it up before you put it back with the rest of the litter. Baby bunnies won’t move to conserve energy for them to stay warm. It will let them live longer.

There are a few things you can do to warm up a cold baby rabbit and increase his chances of survival:

Use Your Skin

Warming up a cold kit is the first thing you should do as fast as possible. For female rabbit owners, the easiest way to do it is to place the baby right between your breasts. The cold kit will feel nicely warm in there and stop shivering at once.

If you are not a female wearing a bra, on the other hand, you can simply put the cold baby rabbit against your skin under your shirt. You will soon feel its feet wriggling once you tuck them against you.

If the kit gets spunky immediately and no longer feels too cold, chances are it recently fell outside the nest, and you can be sure that it will just be fine and can be put back in the nest.

Grab Some Heating Pads

Another effective way of warming a cold baby bunny is by using a heating pad. Try to keep the kit near your body for warmth while waiting for the pad to heat up. Wrap the bunny with a thin towel and cradle the heating pad on a low heat setting. The baby bunny will be safe from getting burned with the help of the towel.

Take Advantage of Warm Towels

One more method for warming up a cold baby bunny is to just toss a towel inside the dryer to heat it up. Use it to wrap your cold baby bunny.

Let Warm Water Do the Work

If there is no available heating pad at all, a bowl of warm water can work just fine. Pour some warm into a small bowl. Lay the baby bunny in a plastic bag without closing it because it still needs air. This warm bath can warm the cold kit almost instantly. Since the baby bunny is inside the bag, you can be sure that it won’t get wet at all.

Put the Baby Rabbit in the Middle of the Nest

After you are done warming up and feeding the baby rabbit, the best spot for it will be in the nest with the rest of the litter. You can try to put the cold kit right in the middle of the nest. It will allow lots of body heat that can keep it warm. You can also center the under its mother rabbit the next time she returns inside the nest to deliver food.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that yes, baby rabbits can die from cold. This means that as the owner, you need to make sure that all the kits will stay warm and cozy in the nest for a long time.

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